The build process consists of 3 stages, design/planning, construction, and completion.   Building a custom home is a process that evolves as you select, design, and shape your dream home around your needs, wishes, and location.  By collaborating with Sentry Construction and their team of carefully selected contractors, you are able you create the design style, budget, space, and timeline desired. 

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It all begins with the homeowner's unique idea of what home means to them.  It starts with your dreams, wishes, and needs, to create a home and memories to last a lifetime.  To bring your vision to life, Sentry Construction and their team of accomplished architects, engineers, and designers turn your ideas into blueprints.

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Sentry Construction produces a very high quality product, while being able to ensure that the process is completed on time and within the planned budget.




During the completion stage Sentry walks through and inspects every aspect of your new home with you to ensure that every detail is up to the highest industry standards and that your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.